Pavers Mate – Block Paving Sand Screed Tool

//Pavers Mate – Block Paving Sand Screed Tool

Pavers Mate – Block Paving Sand Screed Tool


Block Paving Sand Screed Tool

  • Lay paving with ease.
  • Create the perfect patio.
  • Lightweight.
  • Use on any type of calibrated paving.
  • Eliminates Rocky Paving.
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Pavers Mate :: Block Paving Sand Screed Tool.

Pavers Mate was designed to make the perfect bed every time for domestic block paving and smaller commercial area jobs where using just the sand screed. Pavers Mate is also designed aid in the laying of calibrated paving slabs using a cement screed. When laying paving on a cement screed it does not matter about the area as you lay one paver at a time, which means that you can lay any size area with the Pavers Mate. Pavers Mate was designed to be simple to use. I wanted to make what is normally a skillful task easy. So easy that in fact anyone could use it.

Pavers Mate :: Block Paving Sand Screed Tool

Pavers Mate has a 930mm Polypropylene screed, this is designed to this length as the largest paver you are likely to lay is a 900mm. The extra 30mm of the tool is the overrun ensuring the paver you are laying has a full bed and make it easier when you screed again for your next paver. The screed is adjustable by sliding up or down to the required depth following the measuring increments on the back of the screed to set to the correct depth and hand tightening the wing knobs/adjusters to clamp it into place. Once you have done this simply place the ware plate end of the level on your datum paver (i.e. the first one that you have set your falls to) and keeping good pressure against the paver and no pressure on the other end drag across the surface to create the perfect bed every time keeping an eye on the bubble as you do as you.

block paving sand screed tool

This tool eliminates rocking pavers and lessens breakages which you normally get with uneven beds, it also saves time which in turn saves you money.

With Pavers Mate you are never out of your depth!!


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