Review (Barry Lyon)

Building Wall using Extension Brackets and Profiles
Extension Arm
Profile set up with Water Level

Barry Lyon – Another Happy Customer

Here is the finished double wall I built using your tools. I have had many admirers. Some thought I was a bricklayer. One thought I was a master bricklayer. Many said I can build them a wall anytime. I am pleased with the result. As an engineer I thought your tools were good especially the Marshal Profiles with Extension Arms. As you can see they work!
This is the first brick wall I have ever built.
Thanks and regards
Barry Lyon, Engineer
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Review (Bill Garthwaite)

Inspiring backyard transformation carried out by 3 generations using a Bricky®

My son decided he wanted to re-design his rear garden from being all patio (rather dated paving stones) to half lawn and half patio (built with Brazilian slate) with a double brick dividing wall. Some of the quotations for such a project were astronomically high.
This gave us the incentive to try and find out what the difficulties were in engaging in such a task. Neither of us had any knowledge whatsoever of laying bricks nor of laying a patio and being 70 year old I wasn’t looking for hard work. However, I remembered seeing you on the internet advertising a tool which claimed to enable anyone to lay bricks. I had a vague knowledge of your invention, the Bricky, so I did a bit of internet research on you. Although I was sceptical about your claims I decided to take a chance and purchase the recently designed version, the New Bricky, as we wanted to build a double brick wall.

We also bought the DVD’s and the tape measure. The DVD’s are an excellent source of tuition and the tape measure is invaluable in keeping a complete novice on track with the appropriate measurements as the bricks are laid.

We chose our first task to be building the dividing wall. I viewed your DVD and after watching it through for the first time I viewed it again and took notes of specific things I had to pay particular attention to. I have to tell you that after watching the DVD for the second time I was convinced I had the confidence to build a wall. However, the proof is in the doing so we did the foundations according to specification and then set about building the wall. I was the one who laid the bricks on to the mortar, my grandson (14 years old), prepared the bed of mortar using the Bricky frame and buttering the bricks. My son was employed mixing the mortar for us.

I have to say we couldn’t believe the results we achieved. Considering none of us had any experience of wall building whatsoever the resulting wall is quite remarkable.

This gave us the confidence to lay a lawn using fresh turf. Another success story. Now overflowing with confidence we embarked on laying the patio. Back to the drawing board and after a few viewings of your Patio DVD we were ready and willing to tackle the patio. Adhering strictly to your specifications we eventually finished the patio. Everyone who has seen the finished project has remarked as to the high standard of workmanship and do not believe that we, as laymen, did it. At no time did we seek the help of any professional to assist us. There was no need as everything was on your DVD. We are indebted to you for the valuable advice contained in your DVD’s. To invent such a tool that enables anyone to lay bricks regardless of their skill level has to be the find of the century. In our eyes you are a genius and we are very thankful we found you and your website!

We are so proud of our achievements that we are enclosing photographs of our project before and after to let you see for yourself how you have helped us along the way to rebuild such a beautiful garden. Please feel free to use them in your advertising if you so wish.

Bill Garthwaite, Leigh Garthwaite, Ryan Garthwaite (The Building Team)

Bill Garthwaite, Layman
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Review (Andrew Keeler)

Attached are some pictures of a summer house that I am working on using your Bricky & Profiles. I am a DIY builder working on the project at weekends. The Profiles are so simple to set up and useful with keeping the corners upright and even courses all around the building.
Andrew Keeler, DIY Builder



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Review (Graham Huggett – Update)

I retired from industry, didn’t like fishing or golf so became a Self Builder of our 3 bedroom retirement bungalow in Dorset doing a majority of the build myself. The project was started mid 2014 and to date is up to DPC and although slow by standards all is going well. As part of the plan I looked into Brick Profiles and choose Noel Marshall products. Having erected an 4 x corner Profiles and laid some initial brick courses using these I can say I am impressed with the product. Once fitted they are sturdy so will not easily move over the coming months that it will take me to brick up to roof plate. The string sliders work well and allow flexibility for any re-align of any course that I required. These are the initial 4 profiles and as these proved successful I intend to add another 4 profiles to enable me to complete the bungalow outline.
Graham Huggett, Self Builder Dorset
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